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Exceptional Outdoor and Indoor Event Rental Space

Functionality is crucial when creating an indoor and outdoor venue that works with parties of varying themes. Creating a space that can be functional and aesthetically pleasing is essential to us.

A Venue That Works Indoors and Outdoors

Flexibility is critical when working with a venue that accommodates both indoors and outdoors.

Being able to modify a space to please the client  is part of our job at 430 West. 

Between the indoor amenities and the outdoor pleasantries, 430 West was designed to be all-inclusive.

Be it a birthday party, religious celebration, a club meeting, etc., 430 West will make it happen. 

Moreover our newly renovated space was specifically designed to host parties both large and small. We are able to entertain crowds of 250+ while also maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Creating and maintaining a proper ambiance is crucial for any celebration of gathering.

Proudly Served by Robert Ryan Catering

Whatever Your Event, Let 430 West Make it Happen

Above all, our mission at 430 West is to provide customers an experience that is both memorable and enjoyable. 430 West aspires to create an experience of absolute satisfaction.

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Ideal Location


430 West is the largest event venue in the beautiful borough of West Chester. Our newly renovated space will assuredly please and satisfy anyone looking for an refined, tasteful space.

Caring Staff


Fundamentally, a caring staff is vital to any event. Whether for a wedding or a birthday celebration, you can rest assured that our staff will make your event special. Learn more about our staff today.

A Full Experience


Interested in learning more about 430 West as an event venue or the West Chester area? Give us a call! We will always try our best to answer any question you may have concerning these topics.

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All Around Accommodations

Seeing that our clients and their guests receive our undivided attention and unparalleled care is our highest priority. We have developed and designed a rental space that accommodates all. 

Not only is 430 West larger than any other rental venue in the area, it is also able to create an intimate atmosphere. Whether large or small, your party will be able to thrive in our array of event spaces. 

At 430 West, not only is our interior beautiful, but the outside area is specifically crafted for our guests. It has been designed to begin the experience before you ever step through the doors.

Once you’re inside, the experience is heightened further past the initial impression. An event space rental at 430 West is an opportunity to experience our state-of-the-art audio and visual technology.  

Additionally, 430 West is proud to be partnered with Robert Ryan Catering and Design to provide a dining experience of the highest quality to guests. Ensuring customers receive the best culinary experience possible is the goal of both 430 West and Robert Ryan Catering Services. 

It is essential that rental venues be as accessible as possible. 430 West provides handicap access, elevators, supplemental on-site parking, and a close vicinity to major roadways.

A Team to Make it

All Happen

Rental venues rely on a trained team of dedicated staff members to pull off the best celebration possible. 430 West is no exception. 

Our staff at 430 West all share the common goal of creating a pleasurable experience for our customers and their guests.

Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged in order to create the celebration you desire. 

Creating an atmosphere that promotes celebration is not something that can be done alone. Allow our team members to work for and with you to make the event of your dreams a reality. 

Allow our team to do the heavy lifting. We strive to make sure you and your guests are relaxed and comfortable on your special day.