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One of the Premier Baby Shower Venues in West Chester, PA

When it comes to baby shower venues, flexibility, comfort, and elegance are important. At 430 West, we have created a baby shower rental space that provides all of these and much more.

The Most Flexible and Customizable of Baby Shower Venues

Flexibility is essential for baby shower venues. The ability to create a space where customers can express themselves through a theme is important to us at 430 west. 

Giving you the baby shower rental space of their dreams is our goal at 430 West. We are excited to work with you in order to make this dream a reality. 

Whether it is a specific theme for a gender reveal celebration or just a preference in color, 430 West is able to help. All suggestions and preferences will always be met with an open mind and an eagerness to help make it happen. 

Our amenities are what set us apart from other baby shower venues. 430 West is able to entertain many people with various needs and wants.

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Accommodating You and Your Guests

Seeing that customers and their guests receive that most attention and care possible is important to us. We have developed and designed a baby shower rental space that accommodates all.

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Ideal Location


430 West is the largest event venue in the beautiful borough of West Chester. Our newly renovated space will assuredly please and satisfy anyone looking for an refined, tasteful space.

Caring Staff


Fundamentally, a caring staff is vital to any event. Whether for a wedding or a birthday celebration, you can rest assured that our staff will make your event special. Learn more about our staff today.

A Full Experience


Interested in learning more about 430 West as an event venue or the West Chester area? Give us a call! We will always try our best to answer any question you may have concerning these topics.

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A Team Eager to Help

Baby shower venues rely on a trained team of dedicated staff members to pull off the best celebration possible. 430 West is no exception. 

Our staff at 430 West all share the common goal of creating a pleasurable experience for our customers and their guests. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged in order to create the baby shower you desire. 

Creating an atmosphere that promotes celebration and festivity is not something that can be dont alone. Allow our team members to work for and with you to make the baby shower of your dreams a reality. 

Baby shower venues require a team that is present and eager to provide the most pleasurable experience possible. 

Allow our team to do the heavy lifting. We strive to make sure you and your guests are relaxed and comfortable on such a special day.

Relax and Celebrate with Your Loved Ones at 430 West

Ensuring our guests are comfortable and stress-free during their celebration is always important to us at 430 West. It is essential that we provide a baby shower rental space that promotes these feelings. 

It is also crucial for us to make sure your time spent with loved ones goes uninterrupted and smoothly. Anything that our team members can do to make sure of this is always on the table. 

A baby shower can be a once in a lifetime celebration so providing one that meets and exceeds all expectations is what we are all about. Never settling for anything less than the absolute best is instilled in the culture of 430 West. 

Allow us to give you the baby shower you have always wanted. We would love to be a part of such a special moment in your life.