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Our Spaces

At 430 West, you have the option to either rent a single room or the entire building. Depending on your needs, our team will be able to direct you towards a solution. Learn more about our event spaces today.

Rosedale Room and Everhart Courtyard

Capacity: 170

Has garage doors for an indoor outdoor feel. Rosedale can be the location for the ceremony downstairs, have the cocktail hour outside in the courtyard, and the reception upstairs in Hannum Hall

This is the most versatile room. Can be used for weddings (ceremonies & receptions), showers, birthdays, quinceaneras, bat/bar mitzvahs, etc.

Can have the ceremony outside in the Courtyard, have the cocktail hour there as well. Or have the cocktail hour in the “common spaces” with the reception in the Rosedale Room.

Many options at your disposal!


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Event Space Rosedale

Hannum Hall

Capacity: 470

This room rental comes with the upstairs common spaces as well as the stairwell landing.

Large, blank canvas, good for all different types of events. Very Spacious. Room for a large dance floor.

At 430 West, we pride ourselves on our clean, modern spaces. As a newly constructed event space, we are looking forward to helping you make your large event special.

Hannum Hall gives you the ability to customize your space. This room is the perfect blend of comfort and spaciousness.

This large space is ideal for large parties and events. If you’re interested in learning more, connect with our team below.

Darlington Room

Capacity: 65

The Darlington Room features many mirrors, bathrooms, and space. Plus, this room is private. Typically, this room is utilized as a bridal suite. However, it can be rented our separately as well. 

This room will also work well for smaller parties like small baby showers, bridal showers, or smaller events or gatherings. 

What the Darlington Room lacks in overall capacity it gains in elegance and ambiance. This space is customizable for any event that you may be interested in hosting at 430 West.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how you can explore the Darlington Room and 430 West. 


Event space

Building Exclusive

Capacity: 705

When it comes to your most special events, the entire building is available for rent. Through this, you get access to all available rooms and common areas.

These areas are perfect for mingling, cocktail hours, or your largest events. Plus, this will include all amenities and full customizability of spaces as you wish.

Whether renting the space for a large corporate event or your dream wedding, 430 West is the space for you. You’ll be able to take in the full experience of all that the modern spaces at 430 West have to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Building Exclusive rental, reach out to our team to schedule a call or tour.